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Time flies1 when you are having fun and it is incredible to think that with this November December issue of English Today we have reached2 the end of another year. Fortunately, winter is a season with a variety of celebrations and traditions. The beginning3 of November means we remember the attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up4 the Houses of Parliament in London. Despite5 the dramatic turn of events all those centuries ago, Bonfire Night as it is often called, is all about having fun with your family. Traditional food is eaten around a bonfire and fireworks which light up6 the sky are lit. Did you notice that the previous sentence contained the present simple passive voice verb form? If you want to know more about the passive voice, Using English takes it as its inspiration and we use Christmas, the other big celebration on the horizon as our subject matter. In Food & Drink we offer you some great Christmas dessert recipes too. Netflix has revolutionized how people consume television. Basically, the viewers can set the pace7 and schedule8 their own programmes. We really enjoyed watching Disenchantment, an animated comedy series for adults from the creator of The Simpsons. We tell you all about it in the TV section. Dublin is a popular city break destination. It has culture, history, gastronomy…and if you are a fan of whiskey, there are distilleries9 galore10 for you to visit, with a tasting session to round off the experience. Read more in Travel, and start to plan your trip. We hope 2018 has been a great year for you and look forward to accompanying you throughout 2019, helping to make your English learning a fun experience. Have a fantastic Christmas! Join us at www.facebook.com/EnglishToday for more tips to help you get your English in shape. Seguir leyendo

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